Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Guest Post by Ashleigh - Friday Enrichment Progammes

Friday enrichment programmes are a great way to do something that you love, out of class. At the beginning of Term One we got a list of all the Friday programmes which included Culinary Arts, Extension Art, Performers group, Funky garden art, Take 2 – (learning digital ICT skills), Media team – (creating the school magazine), Sewing, Kapa Haka, and Enviro Leaders.
Then you had to write an application explaining why you think you would be a good student to have in the programme you want to be a part of. If you wanted to you could get a letter of recommendation from your parents and teacher. In some activities there were stages that you had to get shortlisted for. For Culinary Arts you had to cook or bake something. For Extension Art you had to sketch a scene from Aladdin (which is our school production coming up this year). Fortunately I made it in to Culinary Arts which is really exciting for me. We get to cater for meetings, make home-made pasta, bake macaroons and participate in lots of other activities.
I think having Friday enrichment programmes is an awesome idea as you can try something different and learn new skills.

Does your school have any extra activities for the students to participate in?
If so what are they?