Sunday, April 22, 2012

CELEBRATION - 1000 Blog Visitors!

New Zealand has just had school holidays for the last two weeks.  During this time we reached our 1000th visitor milestone.  It was a bit of a shame we weren't at school to celebrate but it definitely made for a fun first day of Term Two today.

In fact, by the time today arrived and Term Two began we had had just over 1100 visitors.

We celebrated in style with balloons, party poppers, and a special cake called a gateau.  We had candles with the digits '1000' on them.  Our most active bloggers got to blow the candles out while the rest of us popped the poppers.  Finally, we could tuck into the cake and lollies!

Do you have a ClustrMap on your blog?  What is the most remote country you've had a visit from?
What do you find encourages visitors to place a comment on your blog? 

Postcards - Hawke's Bay Style

Room 24 spent Term One inquiring into Culture and Identity.  We talked, discussed, reflected and explored and then discussed and reflected some more about what it means to come from a place, be from a place and be part of a particular group of people.

Our main focuses were what it means to be: Kiwis (that is New Zealanders), from Hawke's Bay (specifically Napier and Taradale), students at TIS, and members of Room 24.

All our discussions and time spent inquiring about our culture and identity resulted in us feeling really proud about who we are, where we come from and where we belong.

During our study, the opportunity arose for us to send postcards to B4 in the South Island.  We were excited about being able to showcase Napier and Taradale and chose to make our own postcards by photographing local places we either visit or think are neat tourist attractions.

We are really happy with our finished postcards and we hope B4 enjoy receiving them.

Have you ever received a postcard before?  
Where is the most interesting place you've received a postcard from?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Koru Art

This week, we are celebrating te reo Maori me nga tikanga, that is Maori language and culture.  

To begin our week, we created pieces of KORU Art. In Maori culture, the koru (typically seen on a fern frond) symbolises new life and growth.

We used the art techniques of silhouette and and symmetry.  Don't the finished pieces look stunning!

How do you celebrate native cultures in your class?
What pieces of art have you completed recently?