Sunday, February 12, 2012

Challenge - Our Inquiry concept for Camp

This year when head out to Opouahi for camp one our key focuses will be on the concept of CHALLENGE.  We will be caving, canoeing, hiking, tenting, cooking and more.  Room 24 are asking themselves the question, "how can we face and overcome challenges?"  

This was a good question to ask ourselves last week as it started pouring with rain part way through our training walk.  We have a 6km hike into camp (with only backpacks - not all our gear), so the rain was actually an opportunity for us to explore what we might do if it does rain while we're on our hike.  Obviously, we need to prepare and make sure we have all the gear.

Today, we looked at 'Challenge' from the perspective of teamwork and problem-solving.  We had to get balloons across the field using only our torsos.  The balloons couldn't touch the ground and the team members had to stay connected to each other.  If we dropped the balloons or became disconnected, we had to head back to the beginning and start again.
It was a good challenge as we all had fun and we were encouraged to work together.  Afterwards, we brainstormed the challenge skills and ideas in the Wordle below.  We also looked at the Habits of Mind we used.  We decided we'd used these ones:  thinking flexibly, persisting, working with others, seeing the funny side, using past knowledge, stop & think, trying new idea, listening to others, thinking about thinking (reflecting), make it right, innovate, and be clear.  
Congratulations Room 24 - Miss McLeod was super impressed with you!

Is your class facing any challenges in the near future?  What strategies will you use?
Do you have any wise words of advice that we can use to help us overcome the challenges at camp?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Room 24's Class Culture & Identity

Okay Room 24, we need to make ourselves known to everyone at TIS (and the rest of the world) - as the FANTASTIC & WONDERFUL class that we are!  This includes having a class name, a class motto, perhaps a class mascot and/or a class handshake, as well as team names for our softball team and our quicket team.

Post a note on the Wall Wisher below and share your ideas (you need to double-click on the wall to do this).  I can't wait to read your creative suggestions!  

Subway Softball

School has started for the year and even though we’re only into the second week our first inter-class sports’ competition has started.
Our first competition is Subway Softball. You can see some pictures above of our class trialling and practising to get ready for our first game tomorrow.
We call this sport Subway Softball because if your team is the overall winner, you and your class receive prize money to buy Subway for lunch. Subway Softball is played in three pools. There are 12 students to a team and each team represents a class. 

Do you have inter-class sports competitions at your school?  If so, what are they?
Does your school have house/team/syndicate competitions?  
Are there any original or unique games that are played at your school?