Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Quad Blogging Round One

Quad blogging provides a fantastic opportunity for four classes from around the world to connect with each other.  We'll collaborate with each other through our class blogs.  

Quad blogging works on a rotation.  Each week one class takes the spotlight and they will have a large audience viewing and responding to learning they've shared and activities they've posted on their blog.  For the three weeks a class isn't the focus blog they'll be looking at a different class blog each week and commenting on and responding to that class's learning.  

The great thing about quad blogging is that we can improve our literacy skills and our thinking skillsshare our learning with a global audience, and make new friends.  This term we will be blogging with  The International School of Toulouse in France, Texas and World Discoveries in Texas, USA, and another class in the United Kingdom.

Highlands, UK

You can see quad blogging at it's very best by checking out these 2011 quad blog classes below (click on the name under each picture).  In the short time that I've been exploring blogging, I've learned so much from how these classes blog and the way they interact with each other.  They didn't just quad blog - they also worked on global projects together.  Some of the teachers in this quad have even collaborated through blogging for several years now!

Mr Salsich's class
Mrs Yollis' class
Mrs McKenzie's class
Mrs Morris' & Miss Jordan's class

We will be learning about blogging by looking at these and other quality blogs more closely.

What do you think of quad blogging?
What do you think we can share from our class, Hawke's Bay and New Zealand?
Did you find out how old the students from the 2011 quad are?
How can we ensure we reach the high standards they consistently display?